In any pipeline system the effect of extreme temperature inside the piping, or even externally, is likely to have an effect on flow characteristics, with potential consequences for productivity and safety.

This may be due to a direct effect on the physical or chemical properties of the liquid or gas, or to the effect of high or low temperature on the operation of valves in the system.

In the oil and gas industries the operational conditions may sometimes be very severe, eg. in tropical or arctic environments, and the hydrocarbons and other compounds involved in most processes are flammable. Consequently, the efficient and safe operation of valves under a wide range of temperatures and over prolonged periods is vitally important.

At Cowdenbeath, Score (Europe) Limited offer specialist valve testing services to our clients worldwide including:

As always, at Cowdenbeath we offer a flexible service, including a selection of some, or all, of our temperature and pressure testing procedures, where each package is tailored to meet the client’s requirement.